Apple Vision Pro - Initial thoughts

My thoughts and feelings about the tech, pricing and future of Apple Vision Pro


June 5th, 2023

Well, that felt different from Mark's Metaverse announcement.

I was excited throughout the presentation and amazed with each new feature, till they announced the price! At $3,500, I think this is Achilles' heel for anyone who thought that this product can be mass adopted.

However, the way I see it is that Apple themselves clearly didn't think about mass adoption at this point, given this is version 1.0 of this new lineup, and as far as I understand this price point is a result of the expensive R&D that is conducted through the previous years, rather than the hardware itself.

So, my prediction is that initially the Vision Pro will be used through shared setups, like workspaces, universities, and such, before being fully adapted for personal use.

Aside from the price, Apple proves yet again that they have a unique philosophy of dealing with each new product, they don't care if they're the first, but they aspire to be the best, also they always tackle the same problem from a fresh perspective -a unique mix between AR and VR in this case-, and this is truly impressive given that they have been doing this for decades now.

As an iOS developer, I feel excited at the new possibilities that this kind of product can bring, given that our current skillset -Swift and SwiftUI- is easily transferable to this new platform, exciting times ahead!